Change Financial Lives

Want to increase your employees’ financial knowledge – and your organization’s bottom line? We can help you add financial wellness to your organization's suite of benefits.
It's quick, easy, and requires no systems integration.


Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity

7 out of 10 people say that financial stress is their most common cause of stress.


2 out of 3 employers feel workers are less productive when they have financial problems.


With Bicycle Financial your employees will have a plan, feel less stressed, and be more productive.

Benefits To Your Employees

Personal financial stress distracts employees and contributes to absenteeism and churn. Help your people lead more confident, satisfying, and prosperous financial lives.

  • 1. Enhance financial health and increase confidence
  • 2. Reduce hardship withdrawals from retirement plans
  • 3. Enhance relationships (money stress is the primary cause of marital discord)

Benefits To You

  • 1. Increase employee productivity
  • 2. Increase retirement plan usage
  • 3. Support employer strategic objectives
  • 4. Reduce time-consuming HR issues