Bicycle simplifies financial planning

Do it all online or work with a pro.
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Personalized financial plan

We make financial planning easy. Just answer a few basic questions about your financial life and goals. The whole process takes minutes.

Clear guidance

Your questions answered - without wading through tons of jargon. Get simple, actionable advice on the subjects that matter most to you and your family.

Goal-based accounts

We offer the financial accounts to keep your life on track: emergency fund, investment, retirement, college savings.
And we charge NO management fees (yup, none).

Tools that do the calculating for you

Leave the calculator in the drawer. Bicycle’s financial tools make it easy to see where you stand.  

Personal referrals

Not the Do-It-Yourself type? Work with one of our partners one-on-one instead. Have a chat with a Certified Financial Planner. Crush those debt balances with the help of a professional debt counselor. Let an insurance specialist help you protect your assets. 

Simplified investing

Which investments are balanced, diversified, and grow with you over time? No more searching. No more panicking. We provide you with simple and low-cost investment strategies.

Peace of mind

With a plan in place, you can rest easy knowing that you’re taking the right steps toward securing a strong financial future for yourself and your family.